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China Jury appointed

26th July 2015.

The Pacific Song Competition now has a new China Jury.

Ms Suet Yi (Suey) Tsui will be working with her team on the judging panel to bring some entries from China into the competition. The second member of the judging panel is Mr Yaoyu (Troy) Su.

Ms Tsui and Mr Su have just finished an extensive visit to Australia and are looking forward to joing the Pacific.SongCompetition family.

You can contact Suey here: or get in touch via our Facebook page.

Watch this space for more news from China soon.

Jurados 2015

Australia: Presidente Ms Charlie Parker
China: Presidente Ms Suet Yi Tsui
Colombia: Presidente Mr Nicolas Montano Henao
Vanuatu: Presidente Ms Bev Anti
Vietnam: Presidente Ms Dzung Gibson

If you think you’re suited to be a judge and would like to help us out – check here – and then send us a note – here.

En busca de Jurados

Estamos en busca de jurados para cada uno de los 53 países participantes para entrar al Pacific Song Competition. Para ver la lista de países participantes: – Lista de Países Participantes.

Necesitamos por lo menos tres personas (máximo once) de cada país para hacer el Jurado que nos ayudará a seleccionar la mejor canción de la región durante los próximos seis meses.

Para ser un jurado, usted deberá ser mayor de 18 años de edad. Para conocer todas las condiciones para ser jurado: – Reglas del Jurado.

Si usted tiene algún tipo de experiencia o interés en el campo musical sería de gran utilidad, sin embargo no es un prerrequisito.

Si usted quiere ser jurado en su país y ayudarnos con este sorprendente e importante proyecto comunal, por favor envíenos sus razones por las que quiere ser jurado junto con su hoja de vida o biografía a

Finalmente, antes que nada, por favor échele un vistazo a las reglas de la Competencia acá – Reglas de la Competencia.

Estamos a la espera de tenerlo a bordo para escuchar un sinnúmero de grandes canciones en los meses por venir.

El comité Administrativo del Pacific Song Competition lo contactará, si es necesario, tan pronto haya aplicado, y estará finalizando la selección de jurados a finales de octubre de 2015. Estaremos, entonces, abriendo inscripciones para canciones desde finales de junio.

Gracias por ser parte del Pacific Song Competition.

Entries for 2015 Now Open!

We’re pleased to announce the opening of entries for the 2015 Pacific Song Competition.

You can enter songs via our facebook page or by emailing them to us at or uploading them via our Hightail Upload link here

To help here is some information:

Logging onto the facebook page, will give you this image, you need to press on the “Enter Your Song Here” button.  Before you do this though, you have to Like the facebook page.

Enter Your Song Here

Then you’ll see this page:
Entry Form
Fill in all the details, then press the “Proceed to Video Upload” button.

Then you’ll see this page:
New Song Upload Page

After you’ve read all the serious stuff, press the UPLOAD VIDEO button, then you’ll get the upload screen:
New Song Upload Page

All you need to do is fill in your name, email address, song title and any other information you want to send us, then press the SELECT FILE button to select the song on your computer and press SEND IT to upload the file to us.

Confirmation your file is uploaded
and that should be it. Once you have the confirmation shown here, then we’ll get the file soon. Watch out for your song to appear on our country pages!

We wish you all the best in the competition.

As always, if you have any problems, please email us at You can enter songs via our facebook page or by emailing them to us at

Cronograma 2015

Enero … Febrero Preguntar por Jurados
Marzo … Noviembre Pregunte por las entradas
Mayo Confirmación de Jurados
Octubre Clasificación preliminar para las finales 60 canciones
Octubre 23-24 Festival Lukaotem Gud Santo – Vanuatu
Noviembre Finales preliminares – 2 o 3 x 20 canciones
Noviembre 21 Gran Final
Noviembre 22 Votar Ver Resultados

2014 Winners

Here are the Winners of the 2014 Pacific Song Competition!

Winner – James Vaele & Rolando Pisia with Postcard for Nauru

2nd Place – Gate9 with Ready to Rumble

3rd Place – Free Like Me with Free Like Me

3rd Place – Mix Haus with Welele

2015 Grand Final Information

The Grand Final of the Pacific Song Competition for 2015 will be held on Saturday 21st November at approximately 1830 AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time – UTC +11).  The judges and public Voting Results will be shown on a webcast on Sunday 22nd November at approximately 1830 AEDT (UTC +11).

More details will be available from June 2015.

¿Cuál es el procedimiento de las finales de?

Hi everybody. We now have a clear idea of how the final series is going to work.

While this year is not going to have a large number of entries, we’ll still be proceeding on our preferred procedure, probably without any preliminary finals, but incorporating all the systems we’ll be using in the future.

We’re in discussions with YouTube (Google) about how the voting will work and the public vote will be done via YouTube or Google directly and will be visible to everyone on the voting page – we’re not sure exactly how this will be done yet, but will advise as soon as we have it detailed. The public vote – which counts 50% towards the final vote – is by country and we’ll know where your vote is coming from, so your vote will count towards a Russian Vote or a China vote or a Colombian vote for a particular artist or song.

It looks like we’re only going to have a few songs to choose between for this first competition, but we have a probably music sponsor, so we’re hoping for some exciting announcements soon.

Whether or not we have an international competition or purely an Australian one, this is what’s going to happen…

As you may know, our competition is real, but delivered by the web. We have pre-recorded video entries and we will be pre-recording the competitors and their support teams to fit into our finals evening template.

For the finals, we have a stadium, the Pacific Song Competition Stadium, it’ll have 30 or 40 thousand (virtual) spectators and a (virtual) room for each entries support teams. You’ll have seen preliminary staging and lighting setup drawings on our Facebook page and we’ll share more pictures as the design progresses.

We have a gorgeous and very clever Master of Ceremonies, Ms Laura Tchilinguirian, who will be guiding us through the evening and the night will be live on a web-stream – URL to be announced – from 1900 on 15th November 2013, Sydney Australia AEDT time (UTC +11). We imagine the show will take between an hour and 3 hours, depending on the number of entries.

The procedure will be as follows: we’ll have the show with all the entries – you’ll see them being introduced by Laura, each act will have their time on stage, with comments by their support teams and the final wrap-up by our host. If possible, your commentary will be in your country’s language, but this will be dependant on us having enough translators or commentators to do this. The default language will be English.

Once the show has finished, we will have our juries deliver their verdicts. If you want to know how the voting works – go here – and then it’s the public’s turn. Over the next 24 hours you have your chance to Vote, via YouTube or Google. Your vote is by country and will count towards how your Country counts the songs entered. Your county’s Public vote will be counted and the results will be averaged with the official Jury’s vote to determine how your Country voted for the songs.

After 24hours, Ms Laura will come back onto the web stream to announce the winners and their prizes. The results and the final voting numbers will also be available on the Pacific Song Competition website, our Facebook and YouTube pages. We’ll also enable you to get an email announcement, if you so desire.

And that’ll be it for 2013. We hope you have a lot of fun voting for your favorite in the region and look forward to a robust competition in years to come.